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Today, in call conference Dr Tariq Abbasi KGCIOM MBE DL, Secretary of state, Republic of Liberland, Mr Carmine Spinali, Ambassador at Large, Republic of Liberland, Mr Alessandro Miccini, Board Member di Scrypta Foundation, announce the following:

Liberland chooses Scrypta as main partner for the development of blockchain solutions on the entire State system

The partnership between Liberland and Scrypta Foundation is a milestone that marks the birth of an unprecedented model of governance.

The use and implementation of blockchain technology in the entire state management will drive improvement to security, transparency and integrity of any data, safeguarding the privacy of each actor involved and simultaneously raising the efficiency and sustainability of the system.

Liberland aims to deeply innovate the relationship between citizens, businesses, stakeholders and institutions with the clear belief that a new relationship model between citizens, businesses and government is possible in which the decentralized and distributed logic of Scrypta Blockchain can promote transparency, security and data accessibility.

The youngest and freest country in the world, as defined by Vít Jedlička, founder and President of Liberland, is a micronation of just 7sq km which stands on a strip of land between Serbia and Croatia, which aspires to economic liberalism and the transparency of socio-governmental processes.

Vit Jedlička aims to simplify and speed up, as well as protect the security of the entire state process, through the partnership with Scrypta, from the voting to the judicial system, in all the interactions of daily community living, including in value transactions, securities and real estates, ultra-national business activities, and everything related to value transfering.

These are the words of the Secretary of State Dr Tariq Abbasi KGCIOM MBE DL:

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[…] is a partnership with extremely topical contents in an epochal situation in which the whole world will have to adopt a serious paradigm shift within civilian living communities, both public and private. The State of Liberty once again makes it a promoter as well as a virtuous example! […]

Ambassador Carmine Spinali, a careful connoisseur of international relations, says:

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[…] is an event of enormous importance, also for the relations between Liberland and Italy and I will be extremely determined to coordinate this process with the offices of the Government of Liberland as effectively as possible. Surely this phase 2, post pandemic, will meet excellence and avant-garde in innovative thinking: Liberland and Scrypta are in fact already in phase 4 […]

Liberland choice to use the Scrypta infrastructure for their ambitious projects derives from the technological quality of a flexible, secure, decentralized system capable of creating complete architectures for unlimited projects and new use cases.

The roadmap for the partnership will be tightened, providing for the creation of a cutting-edge software suite, designed for Liberland and based on open-source products developed by Scrypta.

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