Scrypta blockchain target 600 Master Nodes by July 2022

The post-genesis second phase of development of the Scrypta permissionless PoS blockchain started last June 2021, under the coordination of the Scrypta Foundation’s board.

The first goal set has been to attain a truly global and more pervasive decentralisation level, in order to meet the requirements that enterprise as well as crypto use cases expect from a blockchain.

Thus we’re happy to announce that, compared to the previous concentration on a single ISP and mostly European allocation, the plan of reallocating existing Master Nodes globally it’s under execution already, together with the aggressive growth of their number which is planned to double by July 2022. This global growth of the Scrypta Blockchain’s network is foundational to enable the delivery of enterprise-grade very valuable projects which have already been secured in the meantime and that will be delivered soon.

In order to support this process and make it available to all our valuable Community of organisations and individuals who already are or would like to be part of the Scrypta network and staking of the Lyra coin, they can now ask for assistance to the ecosystem’s innovation hub Scrypta Consortium ( ), which offers a competitive and effective all-in-one Master-Node As a Service facility for new set-up or transfer from different service providers, full management and support. The service will be operational starting April 2nd, 2022.




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