Scrypta Digital Contract

A new model of contracting through the blockchain

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Contract Management

The interesting aspect of the system is the management of the life of the contract:

Digital Identity and Digital Contract

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Multisignature and Trustlink

At a technical level, Digital Contract uses the Trustlink technology of Scrypta, this allows to create blockchain addresses that have the power to write only if the number of signatures corresponds to the minimum number set in the contract (it is identified with “n” the minimum number and “m” the maximum number of signatures). This type of signatures is called multisignature and is usually used as a joint account. In the case of Scrypta, which favors the transfer of information over the transfer of value, this actually becomes a contract.

Types of Digital Contract

Below is a description of Scrypta’s main types of Digital Contracts:

Differences between Digital and Smart Contract

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