Scrypta Foundation is born

Explore the use of blockchain technology to bring the future closer

It is with great honor that we announce the birth of the Scrypta Foundation, registered in La Valletta (Malta)!

The Scrypta Foundation is a non-profit organization founded with the aim of raising awareness of the global community on the benefits that can derive from blockchain technology, in the creation of new business models and intelligent economics.

This purpose will be achieved thanks to the support and coordination of a solid network of collaborations between developers, companies, professionals, organizations and individuals, all united by a single purpose: a technological revolution through Scrypta Blockchain.

The complex infrastructure of Scrypta is based on the exchange of data, conveyed and guaranteed by transactions regulated in “Lyra”, its proprietary digital asset. The Foundation intends to make Scrypta a global standard for the creation of blockchain-based applications, data storage and certification.

The heart of Scrypta Foundation is represented by the Scientific Advisory Board. This committee is composed of a qualified team of developers and experts with the aim to develop the scientific guidelines to improve Scrypta infrastructure and facilitate the adoption and implementation of Blockchain oriented applications with related technologies. The members of this Committee will be announced soon.

Our main activities are focused on the study, certification and promotion of any initiative aimed at mastering this knowledge in many areas of expertise, in all countries of the world, whether industrialized or not: economic, financial, technical and cultural sectors. The Board is both an advisory body, useful for evaluation requests and proposals addressed to the “Scrypta Foundation”, and an institution that inspires studies, training activities, research and interventions. Its members, based on their specific skills, will evaluate the appropriate proposals to address to the Board of Directors in accordance with the aims and mission of the “Scrypta Foundation”.

Scrypta Foundation policies to guarantee the security, the good use of the funds and the truthfulness of the projects are very strict, aiming to achieve the greatest possible transparency so that members and donors know that the funds are used for the intended purpose.

Core Activities

Scrypta Foundation is committed to build a network headed by software houses, organizations and companies as the main actors, for the creation of products with high technological value and usable in more sectors for the global community.

MVPs Program is a development program dedicated to the future generation of blockchains, able to offer technological and high level support thanks to the scientific advisory committee of Scrypta. The best ideas, the most deserving MVPs and the Proof of Concept with higher potential will benefit from all the advantages of an accelerator: validation, mentorship, a solid network of contacts as well as funds for their projects sustainability.

Each Proof Concepts or MVP presented to the Scrypta Foundation will be evaluated by the Scientific Advisory Committee. The role of the Board is to start the validation process: during the process it will be checked whether the proposed projects and the values ​​of the Scrypta Foundation can complement each other, how the proposed projects could contribute to the global community or to the technological development of a company and if they are in line with Scrypta’s idea of ​​change, considering the ability of the proposing team to provide its own design concept.

Subsequently, once the validity of the Proofs of the Concept has been approved, it will benefit from all the possible support to accelerate its realization.

Scrypta Foundation for Companies and Organizations

Organizations and companies will have the chance to learn about Scrypta blockchain infrastructure and all the opportunities that it offers: they will learn how to improve the operational efficiency of their systems, how to achieve significant cost reductions, how to improve security, transparency and data protection and how to speed up service delivery to citizen and companies.

We are excited to share our blockchain infrastructure with our community of developers, organizations and companies and thus provide a high-potential program for creating dApps on the Scrypta network. Developers will appreciate our high flexibility, user-friendly approach and all the tools to interact with Scrypta Blockchain. All these elements will also be useful to make our ecosystem more and more efficient.

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