Scrypta launch the campaign “IdANode Network Expansion”

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Thanks to the recent increase in the development of dApps, the Scrypta network has seen an increase in the number of daily transactions and writing operations carried out on its blockchain network, and this data is expected to grow in the short-medium term.

IdANode (Interconnected dApp Node) is certainly the most important technology developed by Scrypta, as it represents the heart of all data writing and reading operations, as well as the main data source for all the dApps of the Scrypta ecosystem.

Furthermore, a greater number of active IdANodes will facilitate the checks on the operations and transactions carried out on the Scrypta network, and will allow to extend Planum’s infrastructure in order to secure a larger network, making it more efficient and scalable at the same time.Scrypta launches the “IdANode Network Expansion” campaign

In this regard, Scrypta launches the “IdANode Network Expansion” campaign, through which it will be possible to provide support for the infrastructure and further decentralize the second level layer that maintains and manages all the dApps that run on the network.

Target of campaign

To guarantee the decentralization of the second layer network of the IdANodes it is necessary that the network is equally maintained by several parties in addition to the development team.

Through the “IdANode Network Expansion” campaign, participants will have the opportunity to be rewarded by the team for the support provided, according to a mechanism that will be illustrated later.

In order to encourage developers and partners to support the expansion of the network, the Scrypta Foundation has created a fund to support those who will activate IdANodes to support the network.

Who can access the program?

The initiative is mainly aimed at developers, companies interested in maintaining the Scrypta network, consortium members through Scrypta Consortium, as well as individual users who want to provide their contribution to the project.
Since this is a very technical procedure, to participate in the initiative it is necessary to have a minimum of skills for setting up and managing the idANode server.
This management will be rewarded through additional rewards that will be paid based on the constant efficiency of the IdANode server.

Where do the distributed rewards come from?

In order to achieve this goal, the Scrypta Foundation has created a real staking pool where funds, owned by the team, will flow to make up the actual staking.
The maximum pool capacity is currently modulated on the activation of 14 new IdaNodes which will be added to the 6 currently online.

For each IdANode activated by a user, the team will deposit a value of 5000 LYRA in the staking pool, and the rewards deriving from the staking process of each individual package will be accounted to the corresponding IdANode.

Rewards assignment criterion

The rewards will be divided among all the participants in the staking pool by calculating the daily total produced by the pool itself and dividing by the number of participations of each IdANode activated within the pool.
The proportion of IdANodes is calculated on the basis of the uptime (in minutes) and therefore the participation of each IdANode is calculated in 1440 parts per day.
The sum of the individual uptime will return the total of the shares that represent the percentage of each individual IdANode.

In order to be among the nodes that are entitled to receive the payout, the IdANode must meet the following requirements for each minute of activity:

  • Expose his API through https to the address assigned to him
  • Be active, that is, answer the call /wallet/getinfo in a positive way.
  • Be synchronized to the Scrypta network with a maximum gap of 1 block.
  • The IDANode code must be intact and the checksum countersigned with the timestamp of the request and signed with the same address entered in the peersfile

Whenever, for every minute of activity, the IdANode meets the above requirements will be entitled to receive the corresponding percentage share of rewards, which will be automatically distributed on a daily basis every 24 hours.

Let’s see in action

As explained previously, rewards produced from each activation are distributed to IdANode “maintainers” proportionally according the effective daily uptime.

To explain the operation, we can refer to the 30000 LYRA deposited as a fund for 6 IdANodes.
At the time of writing, the pool had accrued rewards for a total of 25.83446485 LYRA.

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The idanode02, as shown in the figure, went offline for several hours, therefore in the total 24 hours it actually met the requirements for 91 minutes out of the 1440 total.
The other 5 IdANodes, which instead have always been active, at the time of the screenshot had an uptime of 1086 minutes out of 1440 in total.

The 6 nodes that we are observing will therefore be rewarded according to their uptime: the total of 25.83446485 LYRA will be redistributed to the nodes in proportion to the minutes in which they actually did their homework.

Total uptime: 5521 minuti

IdaNode01: uptime 1086/5521 min = 19,67% pool balance = 5,08 LYRA
IdaNode02: uptime 91/5521 min= 1,64% pool balance = 0,42 LYRA
IdaNode03: uptime 1086/5521 min = 19,67% pool balance = 5,08 LYRA
IdaNode04: uptime 1086/5521 min = 19,67% pool balance = 5,08 LYRA
IdaNode05: uptime 1086/5521 min = 19,67% pool balance = 5,08 LYRA
IdaNode06: uptime 1086/5521 min = 19,67% pool balance = 5,08 LYRA

How the list of IdANodes works

All accepted IdANodes will be noted in the peers file and must be noted in a precise form. Each row should contain this type of information:


The progressive number will be obtained by adding 1to the higher progressive number. For numbers less than 10 it is necessary to add the initial 0 in order to have two-digit progressives.

How to request participation

Participation must be requested directly in the dedicated repository on Github, opening an issue and communicating the necessary parameters: INDIRIZZO_IP e PUBKEY_IDANODE.

The parameterPUBKEY_IDANODE is obtainable through function “Create new address” from the IdANode Tools section.

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Following acceptance, the IdANode will be inserted into the peers file and can therefore be recalled from the npm @scrypta/core library.

Once online and functional, the status of the IdANode can be checked through the interface

For technical details on installing the IdANode, visit Official Scrypta wiki.

Please note: Each individual can request the insertion of a maximum of 3 IdANodes.

Minimum technical requirements for the IdANode

In order to ensure adequate stability and performance, it is essential to equip the IdaNode with sufficient power to perform the required operations.
It is recommended to use a Linux VPS with at least 2GB of Ram and 50GB SSD.
It is also recommended not to activate multiple IdANodes within the same server, be it physical or virtual, to avoid centralization and network overload. Supported IP addresses are only v4 IP addresses.

Delisting policy

If one of the IdaNodes participating in the pool remains inactive for 7 actual days, it will be automatically removed from the list of peers and therefore from @scrypta/core.

Following this removal, the IdaNode will no longer receive payouts from the pool.

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