Scrypta Smart Contract

Smart contracts, contractual type arrangements, are contractual clauses expressed in software designed and implemented using Scrypta’s blockchain technology.

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The features that every smart contract should have

Before implementing them, we tried to define some essential “qualities” that our system should have:

How Scrypta’s Smart Contracts were born

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The technical entities at the basis of software operation

IdANode: used to interact with the Blockchain, they allow to execute Smart Contracts and maintain them within its database based on the interactions and rules written inside the code.


Although we can continue to call them “Smart Contracts”, the platform actually allows you to create modules or extensions for the IdaNode. These modules are enabled within the IdaNode and then maintained by one or more specific IdaNodes resulting in fully scalable. Modules are included only in the IdaNodes that have an interest in providing computing power for the execution of Smart Contracts. This means that a specific application can be maintained only by its creator, or by all those interested in using it.

Clock and Automation

Even though it is generally accepted that the Smart Contract is self-executing based on specific rules, this idea is drastically flawed. A Smart Contract can possibly “automatically” have conditions such that if executed it will lead to a state change within it.

Benefits of Scrypta Smart Contracts

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Adaptive Blockchain

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