Scrypta starts the #Blockchainize Contest

Scrypta Foundation, with the partnership of Assocoin, Bitcoin Sardegna, and Turing Labs, announces its first contest called “#Blockchainize”: a contest of ideas that aims to reward the best Proof-of-Concept and MVP (Minimum Viable Product), developed for implementation of dApp on the Scrypta blockchain.

Enter the contest to win 20,000 LYRAs with the support needed for the beta release of your dApp.

Prizes do not end here! A further special prize of 5000 LYRA will be awarded to the most original idea.

The winning projects will also be promoted through the Scrypta and Scrypta Foundation web channels.

This initiative is aimed at stimulating the participants creativity by promoting the adoption of the blockchain technology and creating decentralized applications that can represent innovation in many sectors, while involving IT professionals, both as software houses, independent developers and / or individuals.

The thematic areas are:

- Digital identity & KYC

- Supply Chain & Logistics

- Certification & Copyright

- Industrial IoT

- Health & Scientific Research

- Fintech & ePayments

- Game & Entertainment

The contest will take place from 13 May 2019 to 20 June 2019.

The final prize-giving event will be held in Cagliari on 21/06/2019, at the headquarters of The Net Value in Viale la Plaia n. 15.

Given the technical nature of the competition, the initiative is mainly aimed at the category of IT experts: software developers and / or decentralized application experts (dApp) built on blockchain.

The completion of the age of majority on the start date of the competition is an essential condition for participation.

Technical experience is also required in a specialty such as:

• software developers for Web and mobile devices;

• web and mobile designer;

• UX / UI specialists;

• dApp developers blockchain oriented;

  • data scientist.
  1. Enroll by filling out the form you will find at this link;

2. Afterwards, you will be contacted by our Team through your contact details wrote on the form in order to receive confirmation of your participation;

3. For more general questions and discussions come to our Discord channel. The Scrypta team members will be there to help you find the answers you need.

4. At the end of the registration period, the Foundation will proceed with the selection of the admitted subjects.

We will provide all the (strictly) open source tools for your project. You can find them by visiting the link above.

The projects admitted to the final selection phase will be evaluated by a commission composed of experts in the sector, selected by the Foundation

The commission will express its opinion on the validity of the proposed ideas and on the innovative strength of the presented prototypes. Proposals will be judged based on the following evaluation criteria:

•Project utility and value;

•Relevance to the proposed objectives;

•Project creativity and innovation;

•Clarity and completeness of the project presentation;

•The potential marketability of the use case;

•Feasibility of the presented use case;

  • Design / User Experience

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Scrypta, developed on an open-source MIT-licensed protocol (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), is a blockchain system based on exchange and transactions mediated by its LYRA digital currency. Its operating system allows performing functions related to the recording of data on the blockchain, opening up infinite possibilities and new application cases.

SCRYPTA FOUNDATION — An autonomous organization, legally regulated in Malta, which represents and finances projects related to the architecture of Scrypta. It communicates and disseminates the vision of the Scrypta project, funds research projects on Scrypta carried out by independent development communities, companies, public administrations and autonomous organizations.

ASSOCOIN — An innovation study center focused on the Blockchain economy. Study and research are Assocoin key points to contribute to change. It promotes knowledge of the world of blockchain, cryptocurrencies and the innovations that can improve society. The promotion is carried on with Assocoin forums and other minor events.

BITCOIN SARDEGNA — one of the first non-profit organizations in Italy to deal with cryptocurrenices and blockchain technology since 2015. It proposes to use, promote and spread the use of currencies and decentralized and alternative payment methods. It also promotes the wider dissemination of Blockchain technology, through national events and workshops.

TURING DIGITAL LABS — team of blockchain developers, operating internationally in collaboration with many projects and Blockchain.

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