Social Pay: digital shopping vouchers with Scrypta blockchain

In this phase of social emergency caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, Scrypta Fundation carried out an innovative payment system based on its blockchainad technology, releasing it free of charge to the Municipality of Vizzini.
The system is based on the dematerialisation, “tokenization” and management of “shopping vouchers”. This is one of first italian based examples of massive use of tokens and blockchain for daily use and social utility.

The economic resources allocated by the Government and the Region to help the most fragile and disadvantaged families are destined for the purchase of basic necessities, drugs and in particular for “food assistance”.

The solution, created by the Scrypta Foundation to ensure the correct distribution of municipal aid to families in financial difficulties, is a safe, traceable, open-source, simple, practical tool that allows municipalities to save time and resources.

Social Pay is a digital payment system on blockchain that allows you to simplify the procedures for distributing resources by easing the bureaucratic difficulties and circumventing the problems of distributing paper vouchers. Social Pay is configured as a “social card” of fast issue and with minimal costs that is useful for the distribution of economic aid aimed at the purchase of basic necessities.

“Social Pay is essentially a simple and intuitive card-based payment system capable of making the Public Administration, the citizen and the participating merchants communicate with each other” — declares Andrea Nicastro, founder and member of the board of directors of Scrypta Foundation — “It allows the dematerialisation of the shopping voucher thanks to the new opportunities offered by blockchain technology”.

“The widespread implementation of such a service” — continues Andrea Nicastro — “leads to significant savings for the Public Administration due to the simplification of control, distribution and payments activities, certified by innovative algorithmic systems specifically designed for the validation of data transmissions “.

The Municipality of Vizzini made use of this tool thanks to the innovative choice of its Mayor, dr. Vito Cortese.

Scrypta Foundation has made its technology available to the Municipality for free, in order to provide concrete support in this emergency phase.

The Social Pay project is open-source and can therefore be replicated to allow each institution to issue and manage shopping vouchers safely.

Scrypta Foundation makes its technology available to anyone who wants to contribute to the project. In accordance with the will of the municipalities involved and with the support of the Scrypta Consortium, it is possible to create a copy of the project and request the insertion of the code via Pull Request on the dedicated Github. Scrypta Consortium is the network of companies operating on Scrypta technology.

How does it works

Sebastiano Cataudo, Core Dev and founder of Scrypta Foundation, explains the technical functioning of this innovative payment system that exploits blockchain technology: “It is a process of” tokenization “of the vouchers, ie the creation of a corresponding digital value in tokens issued within the Scrypta blockchain, through Planum proprietary sidechain technology.”

Scrypta is a decentralized, open source and permissionless blockchain infrastructure, designed for new business models and PA management. The algorithm that governs Scrypta guarantees a high-speed transaction scheme for digital asset transfers and instant payments.

“The designed system allows the Municipality / Region to process the data offline using an open source software that we have created and donated for free use” — continues Cataudo — “The Municipality distributes a Card with a QR-code numbered and uniquely assigned to the subjects identified by the Body, i.e. the citizens entitled.
Together with the Card, the Municipality provides a 5-digit PIN that allows the exclusive use of the funds. Finally, the Municipality can also pay contributions on several occasions, allowing citizens to use the same card, as if it were a rechargeable card.

Merchants participating in the Social Pay platform are equipped with a special web application to be installed on their smartphone or tablet (virtual Pos) that allows to read the back of the Card assigned to the citizen and withdraw the amounts related to the purchase in your business.

The citizen must authorize the purchase by entering the PIN number in the merchant’s virtual POS.

Each merchant can verify their digital account through the web application, checking in real time the crediting of the amounts. Within the application, the redemption of digital tokens collected can be requested by simply submitting the refund request to the Municipality which will proceed with the balance by bank transfer. The Municipality, which receives requests for reimbursement from merchants, can constantly check the correct functioning of the platform.”

Here is the document that details the operating system:

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